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The Significance of the Date 11/11/20!

Updated: Nov 13, 2021

11/11/20 was the date in my history that I made it official as a couple with my girlfriend Kayla Parker; and yesterday we celebrated our one year anniversary! The story on how we met will one day be revealed to the world, or to all who don't already know. So I am here to discuss about our first year together! Whenever a new couple first gets together, it's a lot of uncovering or discovering who, and what that person is all about. During Kayla, and I's "talking stage", I remember asking her a million and one questions. I also left it open for her to get the inside scoop on me as well. There was a level of trust, and openness that we came to an agreement on "unofficially" so we could see the potential our relationship legs could stand on. I remember the early nights just going into so much depth on any and all topics i.e.: our likes, dislikes, reasons we were both single, our faith in God, and plans for our future like, where we saw ourselves, or where we ultimately wanted our relationship to go. Again, I won't divulge on the specifics of each conversation because they were private ones, but I will say, having that set time getting to know each other on that deep of a level is why I believe we worked for a year, and will continue to build a solid foundation moving forward in our relationship where ever God see fit for it to go.

The build up before making it official is truly the reason I believe our relationship will end with death doing us part. One reason I think a myriad of young couples don't last together is because they are too caught up in the fact that they are in one. Treating each other as a prize, and not as a responsibility. I know that is a weird way to put that, but women, and men alike have certain basic needs that need to be catered, pending on who that other person is. If a couple doesn't take the time to uncover, and explore those likes, dislikes, and everything in between then the couple sets themselves up for a major blow up in their future at some point. I was not going to let this happen when it came to Kayla. Never did I want to be caught off guard, or never did I want to be a typical guy who hears, but doesn't listen to her. I wanted her to know I respected every conversation in person, and over the phone to be fluid, and progressing our communication levels.

The reason we work as a couple is I can be myself and Kayla can be herself. Again there isn't a false facade being played by either of us. We have reached a level where I can identify now when she has had a stressful day at work, or by her tone she is looking to buckle down and complete one of her many IEP's for work, which I know she takes full accountability in completing thoroughly to help her students. So I make sure she knows, if she needs time to work, she has the space to do so. Understanding our conversations on what ever can be paused, and continued at another time is again, why we work!.

One of those things I strived, and continue to strive to do, and be, is a hard worker. I wanted her to know off the top I was willing to work in a job setting as hard as I could, when it came to issues in our relationship instead of hiding and ignoring talking about them, to just speak our minds, and put everything on the table for discussion.

All that to say I have never been happier sharing my life with another person the way I have with Kayla, and I know God made our relationship special because our relationship falls on 11/11 which some view as a lucky date. The date will forever be the date we finally took all our our gatherigns on each other, and said "LET'S MAKE IT OFFICIAL, AND LET'S BE A COUPLE!!!!!!"

Lastly I wanted to say I believe it also is a crazy coincidence that God played a part in that 11/11/89 is my parent's anniversary. So that year in 1989 my parents were wed, and fast forward thirty one years later I made it official with the girl of my dreams!

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