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Why I Have Always Said No


I am going to talk about a real serious topic in this post. Something that is really personal, and close to my heart, and I’ve always lived above. Never have, and never will I for the reasons I will list out. Okay… so those who know me well, know one thing I have never, and will never do is smoke; be it cigarettes, weed, edibles, nothing! Again I have NEVER, AND WILL NEVER. The closest thing for me being above the influence was through contact only, and that is never enough to get one off to the extreme. And that’s it! One might ask, ‘How is that possible?’ “How is that true?” Well…. It is! I have never, and will never smoke! There’s reasons behind this obviously why I feel so strongly about this topic too! As I have alluded to in my other posts, one of my favorite aunts passed away when I was younger, and she passed away from lung cancer. She loved smoking cigarettes, and the day I lost her to lung cancer, even at my young age, I told myself: ‘I WILL NEVER LET THIS HAPPEN TO ME, I WILL MAKE SURE, AND COMMIT TO MYSELF I WILL NEVER SMOKE ANYTHING!!!!

Yes, I went through my entire college career without smoking something even once. Of course it was all around me. People love smoking weed, and everyone who smokes weed for example, always say when I give my reasons I don’t smoke, they usually say: “it doesn’t have the same impact as someone who smokes cigarettes, that there’s actual research that proves smoking weed is beneficial,” but that still hasn’t enticed me to try it. NOT ONCE!!!! I have too much to live for, and forever in my head I made the unofficial commitment to my aunt, and myself. I WILL NEVER SMOKE ANYTHING!!!

Now let me say this: one of my favorite movies of all time is “Friday,” and the whole movie series: “Friday”, “Next Friday”, and “Friday After Next”. The movie franchise is produced by legendary member of the former rap group N.W.A. Ice Cube. And yes the movies center around the concept of smoking weed, and all the above, and even after viewing these films hundreds of times, it hasn't enticed me to try smoking. We all have choices in life. We ultimately have the ability to say no to anything if one has a strong enough conviction as do I about smoking anything.

I wrote an article back when I was working for the Hampton Script while at Hampton University. Professional athletes who compromise their careers because they want to smoke. Yes, I do listen to Espn analyst Stephen A. Smith, and the message he always delivers on the airways is "STAY OFF THE WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDUH!"

I still reflect back to the moment back in the early 2000's that I lost my aunt. I can play back the exact second my parents told me, and where I was at. 'I live my life being strong and stable for you Buddy'. I miss you all the time, and will continue to live above the influence of smoking anything. It is not worth the the affects it can have on one. I choose for the rest of my life to live above it. Until the day I am able to see my aunt again, I will be an advocate of this.


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