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My Experience Working with a Personal Trainer

Updated: Mar 19


Those who know I am getting married in May, also know that I have been pushing myself, and my entire body to be as in peak shape as I can to look my absolute best in my wedding attire. Eddie has pushed me to the point that I am unrecognizable as I stare at the person looking back at me in the mirror (in a good way obviously!!!!) It is just amazing when you zone in a push yourslef even when I say I can't do another rep, I tell ask myslef when my family needs me am I going to say the same thing? And that is where my inspiration as the workouts get harder and harder come from. I got to keep going. There is no stop, no quit, and no giving up as the man of my future house hold. That drive, push, and determination stems from all the tough, and challenging workouts Eddie, my trainer, puts me through. I hate them, but love that he makes me better each and every time! I have to keep going even when I don't feel like it. Even when he says do an exercise I hate. Just like I am sure with my marriage there will be things I come to dislike having to do, I will hark back to the times with Eddie where I grinded through anyway to achieve my goals as a person.

There are pros, and cons to going to the gym by yourself. Now, unless one is a superior athlete, training for a sport one plays, then in that case working out can’t be taken lightly, but if one is just an everyday type of guy just going to the gym to say they did, then sometimes as good as some workouts are, others can be a little more stalemate. There’s a reason for example even the best of the best have coaches that know where to shift a focus in order to make a person that much better. It’s hard to believe guy’s like Tiger Woods, or LeBron James, who seem like they came out of the womb as great, and as gifted as they are. But yet, someone had to reel them in, and show them this is the best way one can maximize this talent, or that strength by doing xyz.

Like in my finding a mentor story, (and I believe this experience actually preceded me finding my mentor, I went on to the app Thumbtack, and began doing research on each candidate I found on the app. All of them had a unique journey to how they shaped their body, and physique. When I came to the person I ultimately hired as my personal trainer, I could tell right away from our conversation over the phone, he had a welcoming personality. And if he could turn my body anywhere remotely close to how he looked, hiring him would be all worth it! I made it up in my mind that what I was doing on my own was not getting me the results I desired, so I had to really put my trust in his abilities to train and coach me up to get in the best shape I could be pushed to.

When I had my first encounter with him at the gym, the first thing he had me do were what he called “hand walkouts.” They seemed easy enough, but as I was doing my first set of what have turned into thousands over the course of the three and a half years I have continued to work with Eddie, some days they can just eat at me as I do them. Did I mention how to do them? They start like this: one has to bend over as if they are going to touch their toes, and then ultimately what one needs to do is crawl all the way out into a push-up formation, do a push-up, and then inch their way back up to standing! Yes, one hand walk-out into the push-up, and backup is only one!!!!! Eddie always has me do ten reps, unless he is incorporating our entire workout around them, and yes! He has done this to me before…. They do make one stronger, plus they are an excellent way to incorporate cardio into a workout. They are a great form of cardio, plus doing the push ups at the same time, one is building their upper body too! It’s like eating vegetables, they may not taste good, but eating them will make one strong and healthy! The first day we met like I said Eddie had me do the handwalkouts, and he noticed my balance and coordination when I did them was slightly off. This was due to my condition of hydrocephalus. Before completing the online form, I did have to mention about that, and how my balance would be impacted during our sessions. Eddie got the understanding of my condition, and has been so adaptable in formatting a plan for me that doesn’t compromise my balance all the time. That has been so helpful, his adaptability to training me, and I am sure others he trains as well, finding the right mix of things we focus on in the gym really helps! I have even requested a couple of times, "Okay now I want to shift the focus to something else, and each and every time, I have come out better at the craft.

Another big thing that helped me relate, and have a good rapport with Eddie though too is our love for sports! We both are big football, and basketball fans. He has the Seattle Seahawks, and his “Lebron led” Los Angeles Lakers. While my teams of course are the Los Angeles Rams, and San Antonio Spurs!!! I recall one time we were working out at the gym, and Eddie said some stuff about Lebron that to me was asinine, and it just got me so heated (as most Lebron debates tend to get.) I was on the bench press, and we were going back and forth, each making a point back to each other, and my adrenaline was pumping, so as we were debating, I was lying flat on the bench, and I hadn’t even really noticed he was steadily adding more, and more weight, and I was continually lifting it, as he was having me max out.

I think we ultimately click, and have a good trainer to trainee relationship because of our love for sports! Again we can have our debates in sports, talk about life, and just hold each other accountable when life calls for that to occur. I haven’t had any regrets about hiring Eddie as a trainer. It was one of the best decisions I have made, and as I slowly get closer to my wedding date, I want to be looking and feeling my absolute best for my future wife! Since we started working it has been about getting stronger, now I told him that I want to look as slim as I can for our big day! I have no doubt in my mind that Eddie will help me slim down to a desired weight, build more stamina, and be healthy overall!

Remember if you keep doing what you have been doing, you’ll keep getting what you’ve been getting! I decided I wanted change in my routine and workouts, so I found help, and now I am gaining all the benefits from working with Eddie. I encourage others to look for a trainer themselves, and start getting results from an expert too!

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