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The Big Move!

It's finally going to happen! I have in place now the opportunity, that I have longed been waiting for as a man to move out of my parents house, and into my own living space, and apartment. It has been a long time coming for sure. I have been patient, and obeyed what my God has told me was soon coming if I waited it out, and just like He said, it has now been put in place. My fiance' and I have an apartment in Hayward that will officially be ours come the 15th of January! Since we are going to be married in May of next year, it was important for us to know where the roof over our heads was going to be, and this housing option was actually our first choice, so it couldn't be a better fit for us to start our llving together, and ultimately our marriage come May. To say I am not nervous would be false, as I have been extremely eager. I do think God has prepared me for this, or he wouldn't have set me up now. It is just the next step as a man that I will have to face, but fortunately for me I won't be facing it alone. I will have my future wife right by my side, as we navigate, and make decisions together. Praying to God, asking Him for guidance even in the simplest of situations will be most advantageous of us to do.

I do not think it will be easy, especially going into a marriage. Marriage is hard work! It is a daily grind that requires love, patience, and effort! All of which is what I signed up for when I asked Kayla to be my wife. I even joke to myself that I asked Kayla to wait a whole year, and some change before we would walk down the aisle, and that has been most beneficial for me to learn more on how to be a husband. I have done this in several ways. I have read books, watched television shows with a strong Black household dynamic, but most importantly I lean on the example my parents both set for me growing as a kid all the way up until now. Relationships aren't supposed to be perfect, and it is filled with plenty of mistakes from both the husband and wife. Mistakes that I hate to say I am looking forward to making, but really I am! I want to make those mistakes, so I can learn to correct and fix them. Kayla will make her share of mistakes with me that she will have to learn to correct as well. So the two way street will have plenty of traffic.

I look forward to the nights where we both come home from work exhausted, but still have tasks, and chores that need to be done in order to keep our household in order, and moving. If we do things together, they won't seem as tough. We can cook, and prepare meals together, making each other's favorite. Spend evenings clearing the dvr on our television, having conversations about our day, and life are all things that I look forward to do and have with Kayla. Those times will be special. It will also be very important and critical that we keep God first, and in control of our marriage, relationship, and household. If He was able to get us to this point in our relationship, it's beneficial to our relationship that we continue to do the same now that we have what we have been asking Him for. Especially me, because Kayla has had the opportunity to live on her own before, but this will be brand new for me. And since it wont be on my own there will be an added set of weight on my shoulders to make sure Kayla feels protected safe, and has what she needs.

I think ultimately we have done everything the right way with our relationship up to this point. We took our time getting to know each other, made ourselves available for each other's family, which was important for building our relationship as a couple. Knowing each other's family was good for both of us because it gave each of us insight on how we were both brought up and raised. We both have solid parent's, grandparent's, and ultimately role models or examples that have shape who we are in life. This is a small indication as to how we will be as a married couple I believe. It isn't everything, and I know that. There are a million things that I have yet to learn about Kayla that I will learn in our living together, and marriage. The same will be said for her, as she adapts to living with me. How I like things done, and kept up. That's what a relationship is all about. It is giving, and sharing. In our new space, I will have my areas where I feel my best, Kayla will have hers. We will have moments where it is keen we are together in our space, and other times we will need to do our own thing in the space. One thing is for sure though whether we are together or apart in our new home, love will always be at the center of our home. I will make sure of that. I can't wait to embark on this new journey. Only seventy-seven days before it all goes down!

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