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Benefits of Having a Mentor in Your Life

Updated: Aug 2, 2022

This is a topic that I believe will bring a unique perspective to those who read it. Now to start this off I believe everyone should have a solid support system if they are blessed enough to have one i.e. parents, grandparents, etc. And sometimes we as people have to accept the fact that sometimes as the saying goes "it takes hearing advice from outside sources sometimes" for things to click in our heads. I think this is true because we grow up hearing and listening to our parents so much that naturally what they tell us as we get older sometimes falls through the crack, and we hear, but don't listen. Then when we hear it from someone else, we as people will think to ourselves "that's a great idea!" I don't think it is a slight to parents or guardians to say we as their child sought outside advice, and thats what it took for things to register in our heads. We still love, and respect our parents all the same, and more!

Now during the pandemic, as everyone was stuck at home due to COVID 19, most of us had to work at home etc. There was a lot of down time some of us were able to benefit, and recharge with. Well, recharging is fine, but one needed to understand that life was going to go back to normal eventually, and we would all have to go back to our regular lives at some point. In the beginning of it all I found great comfort, being able to roll out of bed, shower, then hop on my computer for a thirty minute class on Zoom, and then be able to break for a period of time before having to log back online for another class. In between classes though, I could take a walk around the park, go downstairs and enjoy a television program, and have a meal in peace. For me it was such a nice breath of fresh air, as I was going strong since graduating college, and going into teaching full time since 2017. And since working, I have never just taught my classes, and that's it. I was also responsible for watching the playground during lunches, and after school. Sometimes going in the classroom to cover a study hall period for an hour. I was going strong, and steady at my job. So again, when the pandemic hit, and I suddenly didn't have to do all the chasing around it was nice.

All that said was to lay a foundation in this post. Since I was at home, again being able to play video games when I wanted was nice, but as my parents often told me growing up, the people making the games already have their money, and I don't. Knowing this, I made a conscious decision that I was going to find myself a mentor online that would be able to steer me in a new direction as far as career wise, relationship wise, etc. Anything to help me advance my life. Otherwise, as a golf instructor I respect and watch on golf channel, Martin Hall, likes to say: "If you keep doing what you've been doing, you'll keep getting what you've been getting."

So I got on the app Thumbtack, and began my search for the best mentor for myself. There was no shortage of them to choose from, but I had a certain criteria I wanted in the standards met. I believed I would connect better if I had someone who looked like me if you know what I mean. I don't think we always profit from speaking to someone who has had no similar experiences, even though they may have had a "rags to riches story" all the same, it is not! After a couple weeks reading through bios, maybe reaching out to see what someone would be able to do or not do for me, finally I stumbled on someone who met all my criteria.

His nickname is "Mr. Let's Get It!", but his actual name is Robert Brown. A man driven to help others find a way to be successful in any avenue we want to pursue. The first thing I can remember Robert helping me out with is changing my mindset. Getting rid of all my negative beliefs that I had built up inside my head because life around me felt like it was moving, and I was stuck in the mud, unable to advance. He made me do several assignments that I found very interesting, but again having to trust the process that I got myself into, I did everything he told me to at least try, whether I saw the gain immediately or not. One of the very first assignments he had me do was the "Penny Challenge". This tasked me with going out into the world, and if I was able to find a penny, or any other coin along my daily journey, to celebrate, and rejoice profusely. I remember how frustrated I was reporting back to Robert about not finding anything on my walks for weeks. Again it took a different mindset for me that I subconciously had to understand. You know the saying: "You don't have to look for something, it will find you when the time is right?" That is ultimately how I started gaining from this challenge, and a myriad of other challenges he had me try. Slowly, but surely I started gaining that new perspective on life Robert was trying to have me see, and the life I that I ultimately want for myself.

Now there is this thing called "return on investment" that my dad once taught me about.It's when you pay for a service, or a need, and your hard earned money is put to good use, and in "return" one is benefiting from what they invested in. Another saying that has also been made popular in the world in the last couple years, especially in the NBA circles, is "trust the process". I can't say this enough when thinking about all I have worked towards, and for when working with Robert. In our notes he early put on continue to find ways to secure 20-30 thousand and I would always log on to our notes and read that and say well "He still hasn't said where this is coming from...?" This whole thing might be a waste of my time, money, and energy. There was even a point where I did say this, and walked away from his services, but I really had to sit down and pray. Talk with my God, there was a reason, and purpose I started, it was not for nothing. Robert even told me I don't think you've received everything we can bring out of you, it got to a point like I said I walked away, but found myself about a month later not accomplishing even the little wins I was slowly, and subconsciously seeing, albeit small wins that were happening in my life working with Robert.

Then one day, we got on a weekly meeting call, and he started explaining a system that would work for me. I will not expose this as I think it is something each individual needs to learn, and uncover on their own, or using Robert's services. I will say once he explained this method to me though, I felt so much better! I started feeling a sense of daily accomplishment. I stopped worrying about the cost, and took control of what I could control, and it made everything worthwhile because of it. Now I am in a position to not only support myself, work on my business with my book sales, continue to do work with the Hydrocephalus Foundation, and continue to expound on the libraries in the country that carry my book, but I can take care of and support my future wife, and family! It is amazing what God can do when one slows down, takes a chance, and trust those in the world who set out to really help you. In the end though, it will all be worth it!

As I continue to work with Robert, and accomplish the goals I have for myself, like: having my book in libraries all over the country, having my book in middle schools, high schools, and colleges all over the country, it is truly a benefit that I am happy I made the decision to go on ahead and hire Robert Brown as my mentor. I can't wait to see some of the other goals we can accomplish while still having our partnership building my business.

Lastly, let me give a quick shoutout to the person I remember who originally told me getting a mentor was a good idea. That person was actually my cousin Samantha Scott! I believe she gave me that advice in 2016. Looking back at it, she was absolutely right! I owe a gratitude to her as well! THANK YOU!

-Never ignorant, getting goals accomplished!!!!

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