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Wesley Antoine Eggleston was born on May 24th, 1992 in Fremont California. He grew up in the Bay Area, in Union City California.

As a young student, all of Eggleston’s teacher’s could see he had a gift, and passion for being a writer. He would spend hours finding creative starter prompts to stories, and then continue them on until it told a story worth reading. He is also very good writing poetry that captures the mind using all the literary devices that helps writing stand out.

Eggleston studied, and ultimately graduated from Hampton University, where he at first wanted to pursue sports journalism. He wrote for the Hampton Script newspaper for a couple years, publishing a myriad of sports articles (they can all be viewed on this website), but ultimately found that that type of writing wasn’t for him. He soon ventured back to his creative writing.

“Math was never my subject I excelled in, but when it came to English, and writing, my grades were always above par. I even had a teacher when I was at Hampton University wanting me to switch my major to English based off of one class I had with her. She saw the framework of a good writer in the making in me.”

His most prized work to date is his first published book. He is the author of the book “My Football Story”. To purchase the book click the link that will direct you straight to the place you can buy it. Make sure that you subscribe to his website for releases, and new content in the future.

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